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Prayer to the Blue Moon   
02:03pm 01/01/2010
mood: hopeful
Like a snake I shed my skin;
Dump the old and keep good in.
A brilliant sheen my scales will show
And in years to come can only grow.
Keep my future clear and bright
And cast the negative from my sight.
Keep my head held high and strong.
And keep me fortunate all life long.
Make the future worry free,
And as I will, so mote it be.

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Written by meeee   
11:52pm 25/04/2009
mood: calm
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Update (for my own use)   
07:48pm 18/03/2009
mood: artistic
I deleted a few old things. Why? No idea. Didn't like them. Forgot where I was going with them...

I've been posting artwork on my myspace so I found no need to post them here.

If I decide to write anything else (that is not a paper for class) I will continue to post.

My stuff isn't that great, though, so don't expect much.

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02:27pm 08/09/2007
mood: sleepy
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